juillet 27, 2015 at 18:07 (Divers)


The Lost Art of Canada’s Doomed Pre-Internet Web

Short video from motherboardtv looks at Telidon, a Canadian networking technology which artists used as a creative medium:

Before GIFs and net art, there was Telidon. Telidon was a protocol
invented in Canada in the late 1970s that let people dial in to central
servers over the phone lines to view computer graphics on their TV sets.
Telidon was mainly meant for online shopping and banking, but it wasn’t
all business. Artists in Toronto obtained one of the desk-sized
computers used to create Telidon graphics and formed a thriving
community around it before Telidon disappeared in the mid 80s. We catch
up with the original Telidon artists and find out what it was like to be
a true pioneer in the world of art made with machines.

Motherboard has also put together an article on the Telidon system, which you can read here


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